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Asbestos – From Miracle Mineral To Mesothelioma Menace

During World War II Asbestos was hailed by many as a miracle mineral. Almost anything could be built or manufactured from this mineral. The building and construction industries used it as an additive to strengthen cement and plastics. Asbestos fibers can be separated into thin threads which do not conduct electricity and are not affected by heat or chemicals.

The four main types of asbestos are: Amosite with brown fibers, Anthophyllite with gray fibers, white Christie, and blue Crocidolite. Chrysotile has curly fibers while the other three have rod like fibers. These fibers break into dust quite easily and drift in the air. They can stick on skin, clothing, and can easily be swallowed or inhaled.

Use of asbestos skyrocketed during World War II. Shipbuilding used asbestos extensively in freighters and support vessels to insulate boilers, steam pipes and hot water pipes. Asbestos became the miracle construction material as it was easily obtained, processed, and transported.

After WWII cars used asbestos in break shoes and clutch pads. Asbestos found its way into residential and industrial building materials, water supply, sewage materials, ceiling and floor tiles, and vermiculite garden materials to name a few products.

In the 1970’s the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission banned the use of asbestos in several products that could release asbestos fibers into the environment during use, following the discoveries of the health dangers of asbestos dust inhalation. Regulations governing the use of asbestos and concern of public opinion since 1970 have created a significant drop in the use of asbestos in the United States.

In 1989 all new uses of asbestos were banned by the Environmental Protection Agency while any old uses before that year were still permitted. The EPA suggested that schools inspect for damaged asbestos and eliminate any exposure or enclose it in protective barriers. Vermiculite, widely used in horticulture, became a concern of the EPA that recommended outdoor use, limiting the amount of dust used, and keeping vermiculite damp.

Asbestos may create serious health hazards such as coughing, lung damage, shortness of breath, and lung cancer. Most people do not become sick in the early stages of development, but usually need continued exposure, often on jobs such as mining, milling, manufacturing asbestos products, and building construction. Firemen, demolition workers, drywall removers, and any other workers in trades that involve destruction of buildings, ships, and automobiles are also exposed to the hazards and risks of asbestos.

Over a period of years continual exposure to asbestos can cause very serious health problems, such as mesothelioma. Mesothelioma is a rare type of carcinoma of the membrane that lines numerous cavities of the body, including the lungs, abdomen and heart, and has been associated with exposure to asbestos dust. In mesothelioma, the cells of the mesothelioma metastasize and damage adjacent organs and tissues.

Risk of developing mesothelioma takes a long period of time, often as long as twenty-five or thirty-five years before full blown symptoms appear. Not all workers who have been exposed will develop diseases caused by asbestos, but workers who have been exposed to it may bring fibers on their clothing, hair, shoes, and skin home to their families. To circumvent this risk, most industries require workers to bathe and change their clothing before they leave work.

Many studies have been conducted involving the risks of diseases caused by exposure to asbestos. The results of one such study involving the risks of smoking and exposure to asbestos proved extremely hazardous.

10 Keys to Choosing a Mesothelioma Attorney

Hiring a lawyer can be an intimidating process, especially if you've never hired one before. Mesothelioma and other asbestos-related cases are complex and require experienced, top notch attorneys. How do you know which lawyer will bring the attention and skill to your case that it deserves? We've compiled the following list to help you with your decision:

1. Trust your instincts. Do you feel comfortable talking with the prospective attorney? Does he or she listen and ask questions? If you feel that you are not being taken seriously, go elsewhere.

2. Check the attorney’s professional credentials. Carefully review the firm’s website and brochures, and check the attorney’s profile and rating. If you’re still unsure, ask for references.

3. Make sure the firm is customer-oriented. Do you have direct access to the attorney who is actually responsible for your case? Does he or she return your phone calls promptly? Remember you are the customer and have the right to expect good service.

4. Ask if your case will be handled individually. Some firms will accept your case, only to bundle it with a large group of similar cases. This practice tends to diminish the value of stronger cases in order to help weaker ones.

5. Find an attorney with experience in mesothelioma litigation. Does your attorney have direct experience in mesothelioma litigation? Look nationally for a firm with a solid track record in this area.

6. Make sure your attorney has trial experience. Many attorneys have limited trial experience. Although most cases settle out of court, a lawyer with a strong trial record puts you in a better bargaining position during the negotiating process.

7. Find a skilled negotiator. Does your attorney have training in negotiation? What is his or her settlement value track record? Even though most lawyers spend a much greater percentage of their time negotiating than trying cases, very few attorneys have training or expertise in this area.

8. Ask the firm who their strategic partners are. Under certain circumstances law firms join forces to share their research, expertise and other resources in order to build the best possible case for you.

9. Make sure the firm works on a contingency fee basis. With this type of arrangement the law firm incurs all the financial risk. You don’t pay any out-of-pocket costs until the firm recovers compensation for you; fees are a percentage of the recovery.

10. Check to see if the lawyer is AARP-approved. If not, go to the AARP Legal Services Network to find an attorney. Besides being extensively screened by AARP to become approved, AARP attorneys offer AARP members a 20% discount on their standard legal fees.

Although selecting a qualified mesothelioma attorney is not easy, don't get discouraged. There are great lawyers out there who are genuinely interested in helping others. Your case deserves no less.

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Microsoft Research Builds 'BrowserShield'

Microsoft researchers are experimenting with an automatic code zapper for the company's Internet Explorer Web browser.

Researchers at the Redmond, Wash., company have completed work on a prototype framework called BrowserShield that promises to allow IE to intercept and remove, on the fly, malicious code hidden on Web pages, instead showing users safe equivalents of those pages.

The BrowserShield project—the brainchild of Helen Wang, a project leader in Microsoft Research's Systems & Networking Research Group, and an outgrowth of the company's Shield initiative to block network worms—could one day even become Microsoft's answer to zero-day browser exploits such as the WMF (Windows Metafile) attack that spread like wildfire in December 2005.

BrowserShield, is a tool for deleting embedded scripts before a Web page is displayed on a browser, can inspect and clean both static and dynamic content. Dynamic content has become a popular vector for Web-borne malware attacks of late, security experts have said.

The framework could work particularly well, as it could provide a safety net, protecting many Web surfers from themselves.

Malicious hackers typically embed scripts on Web sites and then use social engineering techniques to trick unsuspecting visitors into downloading Trojans, bots, spyware programs and other harmful forms of malware.

If the prototype is eventually folded into a Microsoft product, it could also protect against drive-by attacks that target flaws in IE, which is used by approximately 90 percent of Web surfers worldwide.

The research group tested BrowserShield against eight IE patches released in 2005 and found that BrowserShield—when used in tandem with standard anti-virus and HTTP filtering—would have provided the same protection as the software patches in every case, Wang wrote in a research paper.

Thus, the Microsoft researchers believe the shield might even serve as an alternative to or at least an intermediary for software patches before they are made available.

BrowserShield's design—it's a so-called framework rather than an application feature—could also potentially allow it to be deployed outside of browsers, at the enterprise firewall-level or in servers, Wang said.

It could also include additional features. Wang said the research team built its prototype to support add-ons for securing AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) applications and to block things such as phishing attempts.

BrowserShield is one of many security-related projects coming out of Microsoft Research.

The research unit's Cyber-security and Systems Management group has found success with a project called Strider HoneyMonkey that trawls the Internet looking for Web sites hosting malicious code.

Microsoft Research also has worked on a tool called Strider URL Tracer that looks for large-scale typo squatters; Strider GhostBuster, a rootkit scanner that looks for stealthy forms of malware; Strider Search Defender, a project that pinpoints search engine spammers; and Strider Gatekeeper, a spyware management utility.

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The Secrets Of Making Money With Adsense

Everyone is searching for the online secrets to making money, and many people will tell you that the easiest way to make money online with the Google Adsense.

With Google Adsense, you don't have the problem of dealing with customers, dealing with sales staff, or dealing with customer support. AND, many people are earning significant amounts every month with Google Adsense.

So, What are the secrets of earning money from Google Adsense?
Essentially, there are no real secrets - it's all just common sense.
If you are able to create a simple website, then you are capable of earning money from Google Adsense. You just need to apply a few common sense tips to your website building process, and you can maximize your potential income from Google Adsense.
So, what sort of tips are we talking about?

The tips can be broken down into four main areas:-

1. Ad placement and design 2. Identification of niche markets 3. Volume 4. Traffic

Let’s discuss each one briefly.

Ad placement and design - The best position for your ads is within the top section of the page. You should change the coloring of the ads to blend in with your website. You will get best results by using blue for the title of the ad so that it looks like a normal link, and use black for both the text and the URL. Make sure that the ads do not have borders around them, so that they look as much like a normal part of your webpage as is possible.

Identification of niche markets - Everyone hears about the keywords which produce clicks for $40 and $50 each, and many people attempt to build web sites which will attract adverts for these keywords. However is very difficult to attract visitors who will produce clicks for these keywords, so you a much better off spending time to identify markets where there are not many competing web sites, but where the value of the clicks would make it profitable for you.

Volume - By volume I mean the number at all pages that you have indexed in the various search engines. Simple mathematics will tell you that if you only have 20 pages which indexed you are unlikely to make as much as if you have 20,000 pages indexed. This does not mean that you need to build sites with 20,000 pages as an alternative you could build 100 sites with 200 pages each. Notice, also that word “indexed”. It does you no good if you have websites on your server which are not indexed in any of the search engines – if no-one can find your sites, you are unlikely to get clicks on your Google Adsense ads.

The people who are learning significant amounts of money with Google Adsense have many web sites. Most of them use software tools to produce their websites because producing many websites by hand is just too time-consuming. A great number of the tools currently on the market, produce junk websites that give no real benefit to the visitor. You will be more successful with a software tool which produces a quality website that will provide a benefit to the visitor.

Traffic - No matter how many web sites you have you'll earn nothing from Google ad sense if there is no traffic coming to your web sites. With no visitors, you have no one who will click on your ads, and, without clicks, you will not earn anything. This means that in addition to building your web sites filled with content, you will need to spend some time getting links to the web sites so that the web sites will achieve rankings in the search engines.

If you follow these simple procedures, you will be able to build web sites that will earn income from Google Adsense. Some of these procedures are time consuming, and there are many tools which can help you to speed up either the web site creation and the link building process, but there is nothing stopping you doing all these procedures manually if you are a tight budget.

Everything that I have told you is just common sense, and that’s the real secret to earning money with Google Adsense - you only need apply common sense and effort to be successful.

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Manicure at Home

Required items to perform manicure:
Bowl with warm soapy water scrub lotion petroleum jelly or any other moisturizing lotion cuticle pusher Favorite nail polish and clear polish Nail polish remover (if your nails have color) clean white towel

Steps to a manicure:
Before starting make sure you remove your nail polish and have all the required items mentioned above. Also remove any jewelry on fingers.
First trim or shape nails.
Soak both hands in warm soapy water for 3 to 5 minutes.
Push cuticles back gently with towel or cuticle pusher " stick".
Rub hands with a homemade scrub or any other scrub lotion to exfoliate skin.
Apply petroleum jelly or any other moisturizing lotion on hands. Cover with gloves and leave on for about 5 minutes.

Paint nails. Make sure to apply at least to coats of nail polish and a top coat of clear nail polish to give it more shine. Give it enough time to dry.

Try giving yourself a manicure at least once a week to for great lookin hands.

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The Ultimate Connection for a Baby !

Get Connected !!!

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Lip Sticks - Why Women Say They Feel Naked Without Them

Lip Sticks - Why Women Say They Feel Naked Without Them
Lipstick has been around for thousands of years. In Ancient Egypt, Cleopatra had beetles crushed up so that she could use them to colour her lips deep red.
Yet it is only in the last century or so that the popularity of lipstick really exploded, thanks to the worldwide influence of Hollywood movies. It used to be much more associated with sinners, prostitutes and other outcasts in society women who were trying to lure and tempt men. During the witch trials of the 18th century, some women were even accused of being witches because they had supposedly used lipstick to fool men into thinking they were attractive and marrying them.
Still, to the average woman today, lipstick feels like an essential of life that has been around forever, with many saying they feel naked without it. But why wear it? When you think about it, painting your lips red is a pretty strange thing to do, especially considering that they’re already a pinkish shade of red anyway. The answer is that lipstick artificially reproduces the colour change that takes place in women’s lips during sex, which makes them appear more sexual in everyday life.
Modern lipstick is made mostly from wax (either beeswax or wax from plants and trees), and various oils (olive oil, castor oil). The colour generally comes from mixing different chemical dyes, although lipstick made from natural dyes is also available.
Lipstick is one of the most commonly-used kinds of makeup because it is relatively cheap, and one tube can last a very long time, yet it is also very effective. For this reason, many women have a whole selection of makeup, chosen to match their various outfits as well as their skin tone. If you want to spend a little extra, there are more expensive kinds of lipstick available, such as extra-shiny ones and ones that won't come off on shirts or other people's faces.

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Tips For Petite Fashions

In shopping and fashion nothing is what it seems. Some taller women having larger bone structures try to dress in such a way that they would appear smaller. Thin and slender women want to create the appearance of curves with their clothes, while curvier women put efforts into hiding their voluptuousness. These women who are considered "petite" will frequently attempt to wear clothes that would make them look taller.

There is one common misconception that "petite" means "small". The truth is that the term petite refers to height, not weight. Petite fashions come in sizes from O to plus-sized. Women who are shorter than 5'4 are considered petite no matter if she has a slender, average or plus-sized frame.

The conception that petite women are always "little" has caused frustration for the ladies when shopping. Women not taller than 5'5 have a difficult time finding petite fashions that are not high-wasted. Despite that, recently many designers started creating petite fashion lines offering new styles for the petite ladies. Now most of the designers offer petite fashions and they try to make them more classic and tailored, so petite women would wear clothes that accentuate the good sides of their body type.

Petite woman want to find the clothes that would accentuate their own style. Some fashions are designed in such a way that they make petite woman look taller by using horizontal as opposed to vertical lines. Monochromatic colour schemes are also a good idea.

When buying clothes a petite woman should avoid cuts, color schemes and prints that are made for taller women. Petite fashions often have higher wastes, shorter arms and legs and narrower shoulders. When print patters are used in petite fashions they tend to be smaller. This is how chunky appearance is avoided.

Petite women are advised to keep up to some simple style guidelines. According to fashion experts on petite fashions, women are not to wear shirt longer than mid-thigh and they should forget about drastic colour contrasts in blouses and trousers. As far as shoes are concerned, petite women are not advised to buy flat shoes or shoes with square toes. What is best for their feet is a pair of comfortable stylish shoes with gently pointed toe. Other things that should not be in a petite's woman wardrobe are ribbons and buckles.

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If you are like most parents, you probably want to raise healthy, smart kids. You may already have some ideas on how to achieve this. Here are some parenting tips that will help parents ensure their children develop to their full potential.

One of the parenting tips that work best is giving your children quantity and quality time. When you spend time with your kids, try to engage them in meaningful conversations. Try to build fun and healthy communications and relationships while the kids are young.

In many homes, parents do not really talk to their kids when they are young. But when the kids become teens, these parents desperately want to talk to their teens. But the opportunity is not there anymore. Try not to become average parents. According to statistics, an average American parent spends less than fifteen minutes a week in serious discussion with their children.

Practice and develop good habits. It is important that you push your kids to exercise their faith and put into action the lessons that they have received. For example, it is one thing to learn about charity and caring, but it is another thing to volunteer some time to visit nursing homes and serve the elderly. Or participate in building a house for the poor.

Aristotle, the famous Greek philosopher, said that virtues are acquired by the development of habits. At first it may feel like a duty to maintain good habits but it will become easier as time goes by, and soon they will exercise good habits effortlessly.

Be a good role model. It is hard trying to teach children something when we do not do it ourselves. When they hear you lying about something, what kind of message are you sending to your children? Because action speaks louder than words, your kids will probably imitate our good and bad habits more than listening to our words.

Be involved parents. Involved parents are parents who monitor their kids’ media consumption, know whether the teachings in school are in line with their values and are acquainted with their friends. You should have a good rapport with your kids. Nobody is perfect but the more you become involved in your children’s lives, the better your chances of raising them to be good citizens.

Have a strong and healthy relationship. Having a strong and healthy marriage or relationship is not only good for you but also for your children. A thriving family unit is a good deterrent for anti-social behavior.

One thing for sure: it is hard enough to raise a child with two parents, let alone a single parent. Research shows that two years after a divorce, many boys have trouble concentrating, do poorly on intelligence tests, and have difficulty with math. Should your relationship break down ensure that your children continue to have full support from both parents.

Get connected with other parents. We need support and encouragement from other parents and you’ll no doubt learn new parenting tips from them. It is good to know that you are not the only ones who may be struggling. You can encourage one another to hang in there and continue to do the right thing.

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